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Heart of TruBellai

Just be beautiful… with TruBellai

TruBellai is made up of a combination of English, Latin and Malay words; Truly, Bella and Belai. Bella is a Latin word which means Beautiful while Belai is a Malay word which means Caress, a gesture of love and pampering - Truly Beautiful...Truly Loved...Truly Pampered.

True to our name, our products are for beauty and wellness especially dedicated to women of all ages who not only desire to be beautiful physically but who also constantly seek and savour beautiful moments in life.

Beauty is not just about your physical appearance but there are many more ingredients to make a person truly beautiful. And we believe there are no boundaries for this type of beauty. That is why we are here, to help build a path for you to experience a pleasurable journey as a confident, elegant and inspiring woman in the true style of Beauty.

Made to suit a busy yet elegant lifestyle, Trubellai is a lifestyle of every woman’s dream.